Make Fundraising A Tangy Affair

South Texas Citrus Shop is here to make your fundraising event a grand success. We fund for whatever charity that you want to support. Our juicy and tasty oranges can be used as an easy way to sell and raise funds. We assure you that your patrons will cherish every fruit.

Citrus Fruit Dealers in South Texas

Let us help you raise money for those memorable band trips, 4-H, church projects, or Little League. We are professional citrus fund producers, dealers, and suppliers, specifically catering to fundraising projects across the USA. We source citrus fruits from America’s choicest farms that are of superior quality.

South Texas Citrus Shop

Healthy & Juicy Citrus Fruits

Don't settle for California or Florida citrus fruits. It's just not as good! The farm-grown South Texas Citrus Shop orange fruits and grapefruits are tangy, tasty, and juicy. We exclusively provide Rio Red Texas grapefruit and Sweet Texas orange varieties that are considered to be the premium quality of tangy fruits. We also offer a combo box containing the two exclusive variety of citrus fruits. 

We provide both full-truck loads and half-truck loads.

Turn your next fundraiser into
the first citrus bank!

South Texas Citrus Shop

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