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We produce tasty, juicy, and healthy citrus fruits that are specialized for sale at fundraising campaigns.

Serving Highest Grade of Citrus Fruits Nationwide!

Give a citrus twist to your fundraising campaigns with South Texas Citrus Shop. We produce the highest grade of citrus fruits that are healthy and juicy. We supply citrus fruits across the USA in various quantities.

About South Texas Citrus Shop

Norm Dudgeon and Anna Miller are the owners and driving force behind the success of the South Texas Citrus Shop. The duo produces one of the finest and freshest oranges and grapefruits that you find across the USA.  Norm and Anna also love to dance and do so all winter in Mission, Texas.

South Texas Citrus Shop

Orchard Fresh Fruits

South Texas Citrus Shop’s team enjoys taking care of our beautiful Rio Red Grapefruit and Sweet Texas Orange groves in Mission, TX.  We serve many customers and partners.


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